Hardcastle Craggs had allways been the place in Calderdale where most mothers would like to do some moth trapping and when we got permission from drew marshall we were all looking forward to getting started.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Late February and March 2011

                                                                 Ypsolopha ustella
                                                                          Pine Beauty
Red Sword Grass
Yellow Horned

 The first trip of 2011 was not until the 26th Febuary because January and the first part of February had been cold with some heavy snow. On the 26th after a warm week with temps reaching 12 degrees we decided to have a go but on  the night the  temerature plumeted  to 2 degrees  and the sky was clear showing amazing star constellations. We tried with a 125MV lamp for 2 and a half hours but this only produced 1 Satellite .Tree searching with a torch was more succsessfull with 5 Dotted Border ,1 Pale Brindled Beauty, 2 Chestnut  and 1 Spring Usher.
  On the 11th March we returned after another cold and wet week with the temperature about 4 degrees  but were rewarded with a good catch of 12 Common Quaker, 1Small Quaker, 5 Twin spotted Quaker , 3 Chestnut, 4 Satellite, 5 March Moth  and 1 Engrailed . The first micro moths were also recorded with 1 Ypsolopha Ustella, 3 Tortricodes alternella ,1 Diurnea fagella and 1 Agonoptix heracliana.......Tree searching with a torch produced only 2 Dotted Border.  On the 20th  the weather was a warm 9 degrees and a emergence of orthosia species was the first big catch with 70 Common Quakers,47 Twin spotted Quakers and 18 Small Quakers a totoal of 207 moths of 19 species in 2 and a half hours.The highlights were 2 Red Sword Grass and a beautiful Pine Beauty.Out again on the 24th but again the temperature dropped to 6 degrees never the less we recorded 141 moths of 15 species in only 2 hours the highlight being 4 Yellow Horned.
  On the 31st we tried again this time at Gibson Mill with the temp again about 9 degrees we recorded 120 moths of 13 species the highlights an Oak Beauty and Early Tooth striped...25 species and nearly 400 moths in less than 8 hours in March is good going.